Ideas to preserve center’s history

“Fundraising efforts gear up for Community Center” was the headline of Jan. 1, 2010. Lovely architectural renderings for the planned renovations were shown above.

The charming photograph of the existing Fletcher Cove Community Center that was pictured on page A6 elicited not only an immediate smile but also a “warm and fuzzy” sense of place and thoughts of the multitude of historical events that have occurred in its interior and surround for over a half-century.

Two thoughts come to mind as the future looms: (1) an artist be invited to paint/portray this charmer as it is now before the renovation work commences and (2) an outreach begin for pictures that residents past and present might have of memorable events at FCCC for a scrapbook.

So many ages and life stages have passed through those doors! This is truly an exceptional location and a special place of community in Solana Beach.

Lynn Salsberg

Solana Beach

Editor’s note: Lynn Salsberg was recently inspired to write a song for the occasion of the decision-making process surrounding the future of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. The song may be sung to the tune of “On the Street Where You Live.” This is not Salsberg’s first song about her community. She is the original lyricist for Solana Beach’s city song: “Solana Beach, Our City Proud.” Dr. Ed Siegel wrote the tune to that song. Below is Salsberg’s song for the Fletcher Cove Community Center, reprinted from the Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society’s newsletter:

You have often walked past this place before,

But the pavement wasn’t ADA approved before,

Now the time has come for work to be done

Know this is the spot where history lives!

Is this not a place in the heart of town?

Where the first piano came to be for all in town?

Where does sound pour out of the double door?

Yes. It’s here 1-3-3 Pacific Ave.

And, oh, this beautiful setting

We all feel we want to be near!

This overpowering setting

It is the one that surely mustn’t disappear!

People stop to hear, they come in and see

This has been spot of great times for community,

Friends and memories grew, crafts and weddings, too,

Young and old, safe and sound, let us renew!