If Steve Danon wins, we all win

By Carl Hilliard

Come November, those of us who are fiscal conservatives, advocates for job creation and supporters of accountable, transparent local government have a great chance to prevail in electing a new County Supervisor. We all win by getting Steve Danon elected to the Third District seat.

Steve will work to accomplish many of the same things I’ve proposed:

•Eliminate millions of dollars in local “pork” spending.

•Abolish the supervisors’ double dipping and their ability to earn per-diems.

•Cut through the Department of Planning and Land Use’s bureaucracy so that businesses can expand operations and build new facilities.

The last thing we need is to have Dave Roberts, the Washington, D.C. health care lobbyist, implement new or higher taxes. That’s what he does. He’s voted for multiple tax increases, including a new business license tax in Solana Beach. He did that, by the way, right after declaring a “fiscal state of emergency,” which was the result of poor business decisions. His decisions.

With Steve Danon, you know exactly what you get: conservative with our tax dollars and focused on strengthening our local economy. With Dave Roberts, who knows? He’s changed his registration from Republican to independent to Democrat, along with decline-to-state and now says he is a Pam-lite.

I don’t think there’s any question about which candidate will do the better job. That’s why I’m putting my support, my time and efforts, and my vote behind Steve Danon.