If you are ‘for kids’ vote ‘Yes’ on Prop CC

In the article “Who Is for Kids? Who Is Just Kidding?” by Rich Bagin, APR, Executive Director of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA), the author proposes the following:

“Communities are known by the schools they keep” and goes on to ask if “local governing boards, your local, state and federal elected officials, your real estate officials, your local business leaders, and your local faith community are paying attention to the impact of funding on their schools and their communities.” I wonder if our community members and parents are aware of the changes underfoot in the Del Mar Union School District.

Mr. Bagin goes on to surmise that even if people know the fiscal situation of their school district and how it will affect them and their families they may not have an idea of the impact to the well-being of their community. In the Del Mar Union School District, our schools have been financially responsible enough to avoid deficit spending until last year, when the cumulative effects of “fair share” payments finally caught up with us. Now, the district is facing further deficit spending and its reserves are dwindling. There will be changes to DMUSD that have long plagued the other school districts around us.

Mr Bagin goes on to suggest that lasting damage may be felt by our communities if we dismantle early educational programs that have made our schools leaders in the County:

“As our schools begin to decline because of inadequate state and local funding, we may be on the cusp of seeing that negative phrase come to life: There goes the neighborhood.”

The decline in DMUSD hasn’t happened…yet. At the planned December meeting of the board of trustees, the district is set to determine how, where and how fast we make cuts to our schools. Proposition CC can help remediate the budget losses of our district and provide some relief from many of the cuts to the classroom.

“If schools begin to slip in achievement, facility upkeep, and overall characteristics that make schools effective, enrollment will decline, parents will seek alternatives, real estate values will sink, businesses will not move into or will even move out of your community,” says Bagin. “You will be left with a community that it is just a shadow of itself. “

That sounds a bit much for renowned Del Mar. It will always have beaches and horseracing to attract vacationers. But people move here because of the schools. Del Mar and Carmel Valley are known for their schools.

“Who Is for Kids? Who Is Just Kidding?”

Mr. Bagin uses an old campaign slogan, but it is poignant even today. If you want to know who is for kids, look to the DMUSD Board of Trustees, superintendent, principals and staff. These professionals put together a proposed solution to what ails us. Its Proposition CC. Our school district is for kids! Our local educators chose this profession because they wanted to make a difference in educating children, and Prop CC is part of the package of making that a reality in California’s troubling economic climate. If you, too, are for kids, then please support them by voting “Yes” on CC.

Janet Handzel

Parent, community member

Quality Schools for Del Mar, Yes on CC