If you love LA, One Paseo is for you

Thank you for your continuing coverage of the mini-city an LA developer plans to drop down in our midst. While I found the various square footage information in your April 26 article daunting, I had a hard time visualizing just how big “557,440 square feet of commercial office” space is. However, the “total of 4,809 parking spaces” is more manageable, so I called three similar operations in San Diego to see how One Paseo stacks up: Fashion Valley reports 7.400 - 7,600 parking spaces; Del Mar Highlands Town Center about 1,500; and UTC about 1,400.

It would appear One Paseo is running a strong second. However, when you combine its parking availability with Del Mar Highlands across the street, we get about 6,300 places to park cars. Now, assuming that developers are not in the business of wasting space, there are likely some precise surveys extant which produced the 4,809 number. I think it’s fair to assume all of us at one time or another have had some waits getting in and out of Del Mar Highlands Town Center and crawling along in that traffic, particularly on Del Mar Heights Road. How’s an increase of over 3,000 cars strike you? (4,809 minus 1,500).

Hey! They do it in LA all the time and manage to get by; like the character in “Apocalypse Now,” who said, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning,” perhaps there are those who can’t wait for that first sniff of tangy smog, the first blast of an impatient horn, the endearing one-finger salute. Maybe we’ll have a chance to experience that down here, right in our own neighborhood. One Paseo: if you love the traffic, the hassle and the smog in LA, One Paseo is the mini-city for you!

Of course, one could always fight it.

Walter Carlin

Del Mar