In-lieu parking permits — why would council not want to hear appeal?

Last week the Del Mar City Council voted not to hear my appeal of the Planning Director issuing 17 in-lieu parking permits for $17,000/year,

without providing 17 actual parking spaces!

They didn’t want to hear the appeal, which pointed out that the director should have required the issuance of 10 more permits, for $10,000/year more, based on showing that the applicant had miscalculated the number required for Bull Taco to open in that location, and spaces counted that were not permitted, per the California Supreme Court!

Why would they


want to hear the appeal? As I’ve stated previously, it is because the Council wants the additional sales tax revenue from more restaurant/bars in downtown – even if their own laws are not followed.

All residents adjoining the downtown commercial area, please note – there are 24 more in-lieu parking permits available that can be sold for additional restaurant/bars in the south end of town

without providing 24 actual parking spaces!

This may be one area of the Community Plan that should be changed, or change the implementing regulations.

There seems to be a conflict!

Any questions, or support, email

Ralph Peck

Del Mar