Inaugural TEDxSan Diego open to public via live stream


TEDxSanDiegoAs the inaugural TEDxSanDiego event approaches Nov. 8, innovators, explorers, teachers and learners from various industries are quickly applying to partake in the experience. As the number of interested participants is expected to increase beyond the venue’s capacity, TEDxSanDiego is officially offering a free live video stream of the inaugural event to all who want to tune into the conversation.

The purpose of the video stream is to expand TEDxSanDiego’s interactive experience beyond the borders of the venue; anyone who is not attending the event in person will have the opportunity to schedule a meet-up with like-minded individuals in their area. These “meet-ups” are envisioned to be an extension of the interactive and stimulating conversations that will are simultaneously occurring at Anthology. Chuck Longanecker, one of the founders behind TEDxSanDiego, announced that the link is on it


“The goal of TEDxSanDiego is to bring together the community to ignite stimulating conversations in an interactive and immersive environment,” said Longanecker. Interested participants have already begun scheduling meet-ups as soon as the webpage went live.