Inconsistencies need explanation

Mr. Conkwright’s open letter published in the last Del Mar Times quoted Director Garcia stating “As such, the Pilot Program expired on April 19, 2012 and was not extended or reinstated by the City Council. Since the program is no longer in existence, no new applications are being accepted.” He goes on to raise the issue of the only other property accepted in the Pilot Program – Crepes & Corks.

I have also raised that issue in the past, to no avail. I had also pointed out that the Pilot Program was in violation of State Gov Code sections.

At one meeting, 2/22/11, Councilman Hilliard, when asked about properties accepted in the program if it is not successful, stated that it was clearly understood that if participants made the investment, and the program didn’t work out, those temporary uses would end!

Mr. Conkwright was denied use of the DMVA program to provide


of the required parking, yet Crepes & Corks has been allowed to continue


with the DMVA program and not supplemented with other allowed methods to fill out the 24/7 requirement as was Mr. Conkwright.

Since the Pilot Program didn’t work out and has ended, both granted uses should end also. So why hasn’t the granted use for Crepes & Corks ended?

Ralph Peck

Del Mar