Increasing speed limit on Ocean Air Drive will not solve anything

In response to last week’s letter to the editor titled “Disappointed to read about increasing enrollment at TH school” regarding increasing class sizes at Torrey Hills Elementary school, I couldn’t agree more. My daughter is beginning kindergarten this fall and part of the reason we chose to buy our home in Carmel Valley is due to the stellar public schools. Anything that could potentially erode her receiving the best public education possible, is a negative in our book.

However, I would like to disagree on the second topic. Increasing the speed limit on Ocean Air Drive will


solve anything and will, in fact, drive down community safety, property values and overall happiness across Torrey Hills.

In fact, I would adamantly advocate for lowering the speed limit down to 25 MPH and adding speed bumps and a cross walk. Many people use Ocean Air as a cut through to get from Carmel Mountain Road down to Sorrento Valley. Most of these people don’t live in the neighborhood and are happy to drive 40 and sometimes 50 MPH. It’s incredibly dangerous trying to cross this road. Even as a healthy adult, let alone with a child on a bike, an elderly person, or a handicapped individual. There is no cross walk and no stop sign, plus the road bends and curves, making visibility for both pedestrians and drivers challenging. The fact that there is not already a marked crosswalk is insane. The Penasquitos Canyon walking path clearly should connect to the path under the power lines leading down to Torrey Hills Park and school. It’s amazing that such an obvious connection point between the two walking paths hasn’t been addressed. The trail runs behind our house and we hear loads of running groups, kids coming home from school, and dog walkers using that path. We can only surmise that they’re playing Frogger to get from one part of the path to the other, darting across Ocean Air.

The completion of the apartments near the school will only add more traffic to Ocean Air Drive. We fear that there may have to be an injury or fatality in order to escalate the need for slower driving and a safe way to cross. We truly hope it does not come to this.

Jessica Jensen