Individual liberty is always the loser


Re the new law unanimously passed by the Del Mar City Council, banning dogs from the children’s play area to the south of Powerhouse Park:

Cheers for Lynn Gaylord who valiantly tried to bring some sanity to the consideration by saying that “most people consider their dogs part of the family.”

But of course her argument was incompatible with the stated duty of our city council: To protect the public from every conceivable risk. Although I submit that (1) risk is an inherent in the living of any life and (2) the underlying need of our protectors is to control the lives of others and make them conform to their own.

Exhibit A: The Prohibitionists who marshalled enough public support to pass the nation-wide law that after 15 years proved to be the most disastrous law ever adopted in this cherished “land of the free.”

Also at the meeting referred to above, the Del Mar City Council lowered the curfew hour for teens. But consider: 17-year-olds were able to volunteer their service during WW II and die for this country, and thousands did, but now they have to be off the streets at 10 p.m.

Isn’t this not but another example of the police state in action?

Our local and national governments are on a law-passing roll and the motive is always the same: To protect the public from itself.

And individual liberty is always the loser.

Stay tuned, and above all on guard, because the next new law may be aimed directly at you.

Jim Donovan

Del Mar