Instead of gun shows, try bringing some real joy to San Diego

I’m settling into a Friday night and begin reading the Del Mar Times. First article out the gate....“Gun shows dodge bullet at Fairgrounds board meeting.” I mean


what’s it going to take to get the 22nd Agricultural District Association to understand that a gun show is


in the best interest of the public as a whole anymore?

The President of the Association, Adam Day, does not intend to bring “the matter forward for discussion?”

Not even a discussion?

Really? Do you think Mr. Day would reconsider these guns shows if there was a

full on

San Diego-wide


A boycott of


22nd Agricultural District Association exhibitions? Including the

Del Mar Races, San Diego County Fair, Holiday of Lights, Cirque Du Soleil, the Scream Zone

and a host of other exhibitions presented by the 22nd Agricultural District Association? I’m sure the revenue stream from those events


exceed the $324,000 annual income from this gun show.

In regards to the three-year contract with Crossroads of the West (gun show exhibitor), I’m sure something amicable between the Association and Crossroads could be worked out to compensate for the loss of this contract...In its place, how about the 22nd Agricultural District Association bring some


joy to San Diego...a weekend

music festival!

Just say’n.

Carlene Tripp-Crowell