Israel Tennis Centers children to be part of La Jolla fundraiser

The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation will host a fundraising event from 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 24, in La Jolla, when a team of Israeli players and coaches will meet members of the San Diego community interested in learning more about the current Middle East conflict and how the ITC centers have played an integral role in keeping them safe and secure.

Hundreds of children from southern ITC locations have been provided transportation to northern centers, away from the blare of sirens and the threats of rocket attacks from Hamas. During this crisis, the goal has been to provide a caring and nurturing place for disadvantaged Israeli children of all backgrounds, a place where they can continue to learn essential life skills through the sport of tennis.

“Our event in La Jolla will really give all those who attend a chance to hear some incredibly inspiring stories from the kids themselves,” said Jacqueline Glodstein, ITC vice president/global development. “It’s all about serving a better future for children, and we need to support them in every way we can for their sake and for the whole of Israel.”

The ITC works with the Jaffa Institute to bring underprivileged children from the institute to the Israel Tennis Center in Jaffa. There, they learn essential life skills to help them become productive, confident and successful members of Israeli society.

For the event location and other information, contact Richard Weber at 646-884-7410 or Online: