It’s neighbor against neighbor in Del Mar

By Endre Bartanyi

Resident, Del Mar

The City Council may find itself in a troubled situation with the undergrounding measure. By their actions, they are pitting neighbor against neighbor to achieve their master plan. This plan calls for the undergrounding of all utilities in the city. Since the city is short on funds for such an undertaking, they cleverly shifted the financial burden to the homeowners. They used an obscure statutory provision to move on with their plan despite residents’ opposition.

For years now, the city has been urging one group of residents to move on with this project, despite the fact that many other homeowners are against it. The whole city apparatus, the city engineer, city attorney and various consultants are on the payroll to advance this plan. During council meetings and in publications, the proponents are constantly praised for their hard work, while little or no empathy is shown for the struggling families for their pleas.

It is troubling that the council presents itself on this issue as a neutral and fair body, whereas from the start the council was the very engine of the undergrounding drive.

According to the mayor, the city is “moving forward in a rough economy.” Their “forward move” will undoubtedly leave shadows of disaster in the Sunset neighborhood. The council must wake up to the reality that we don’t want this cosmetic undertaking.

Not one homeowner should be put in a position of being forced to sell his or her home to finance this senseless project.

This council should listen to us; we don’t want to mortgage our homes to move overhead wires into the ground, or paint our driveways tennis-court-green, nor for any other frivolous mascara.

Find another way to finance it!