‘Just a little radiation’?


Dear neighbors,

Please voice your opinion on cell phone antennae sites right next to residential homes. We received a notice of permit for an intended Clearwire cell antennae on top of the Solana Beach Medical Building at 550 Lomas Santa Fe Drive. The study results presented as “acceptable levels of radiation” are dated 1986. These devices have changed since then! They do more now with new technology and require more bandwidth and power. The variables here are unlimited, and with new 3G and even 4G technology and power bands being utilized, the only question I would ask the property owner and cell phone company is, “You OK if I hang one in your backyard?”

We have three children under the age of 7 living less than 150 feet from the proposed antennae site. Not good neighbor relations, especially as a new neighbor entering Solana Beach. We are looking to the city to add reason here and suggest a revenue-generating winning site such as a city owned property where they could benefit from the much needed monthly revenue. This proposed site literally has bedroom windows right underneath it.

We’re all exposed to this stuff enough every workday; we don’t need it beamed directly into our homes in industrial strength. Common sense check here and your support is requested and appreciated.

Michael Cornell family and neighbors

Solana Beach