‘Just Say No’

By Nitza Leichtling

I am writing in opposition to Prop J. I have attended multiple city meetings and studied the proposition carefully. Each review leaves me more confused, as the scope of what J covers is multilevel and ambiguous, to say the least.

In speaking with neighbors, many have summarized that J is about the traffic flow or the change in FAR of the village, though not one person has had a lucid comprehension of the many facets which the passing of J will allow.... & that’s because it is not clear and succinct in it’s scope. Let’s review:

Traffic engineers reported that the circles could work when 15th St. was included in the plan as one of those circles. In the “12th hour”, the city determined to leave the traffic signal at 15th St. with no mention of how that will back up Northbound traffic.

On an average day, it takes 45 - 60 seconds for an average group of pedestrians to get across intersections. It is not ‘rocket science’ to realize that there will be frequent and consistent halts to the flow of traffic... and that cars will select to BYPASS the Coast Hwy. through neighborhoods.

Once we allow construction of 26 ft. and 30 ft. tall buildings in our downtown, the “Village of Del Mar” will cease to be the charming “village” which draws tourists from all over the world. Do we need to improve the presentation of our downtown? Yes! Though the heights and FAR which Prop J will allow will forever alter the character of our town.

Increase in noise and air pollution will affect the public health of all the residents. Increases in water use will continue to affect the water table of our communities, at a time when we should all be working to decrease water use and increase drought awareness.

Prop J does not specify parking issues. Prop J does not determine which sites will or can be used for parking lots.

Prop J is not clear regarding costs. Where is the money coming from to create these changes???

Prop J does not clarify when and how or who will determine what happens in my village!

With respect to the individuals who toiled long hours to create this proposition, I feel that it does not reflect the needs of most of the residents of Del Mar. It is propitious for the landowners and developers, while the local residents who love and cherish their community are “being left in the dark” regarding future impact to their community and quality of life here. Once we lose what we love about Del Mar: the spacious, tree-filled, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods... we can never reclaim this tranquil lifestyle again.