Kahoots Feed and Pet Stores launch ‘best prices ever on the most popular pet products’

A genuine passion for quality pet and farm animal products. . .

A welcoming and knowledgeable staff. . .

A down home country feel in both city stores and country stores alike . . .

Yep, this pretty much sums up what Kahoots Feed and Pet Stores are all about!

Kahoots Feed and Pet Stores have been faithfully serving communities in Southern California since 1987, and are now shaking things up a bit in the pricing department. Chase Carter, director of marketing at Kahoots, commented, “We’re very excited to launch our best prices ever on the most popular pet products. As an alternative to coupons, we’ve taken those discounts and integrated them into our products lines as amazing, everyday prices.”

The new price structure began March 25, along with the launch of Kahoot’s brand-new website. Sound good? We think so!

“Over the last few months, our team has shopped the competition and reduced our prices to match or, in most cases, beat our competitors’ prices. We have incredible prices on the top-selling products like Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, Greenies, Kong, Advantage, Frontline and more,” says Carter. “We want you to be confident knowing that when you shop at a Kahoots Store, you are not only getting great products, you are also getting the absolute best value. We’re confident that by combining this new price rollout with pre-existing great value, Kahoots-branded products will create an extremely positive shopping experience for our customers.”

Along with the new price rollout is the launch of the new Kahoots website, which includes new detailed descriptions of Kahoots products. They will also be offering bi-weekly emails which will highlight special buys, new products, community events, and healthcare and training tips from specialists. You can visit to sign up for their emails. Or, if you’re on Facebook, you can connect with the Kahoots community, where it’s all about life with our pets. They offer frequent contests, giveaways, and are always around to answer questions you may have.

“Our customers are EVERYTHING, so it’s our job to ensure that we are consistently providing value to them through our stores, products, prices, website, email and social media communication,” says Mike, CEO and founder of Kahoots.

So if you and your pet happen to stop by any of the 22 Kahoots locations in Southern California, check out all the new prices or chat with one of the team members about the new and exciting happenings at Kahoots. Don’t worry, your dog will be happily preoccupied nibbling on a free Kahoots treat while you chat!

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