Keep Del Mar a suitable place to raise children

As a 45-year resident of Del Mar, plus two years in Carmel Valley, my main concern with the VSP (Village Specific Plan) is that of a mother and grandmother. Like most Del Mar citizens, we are strongly family oriented. Our present population, by census, is around 4,000 residents; add another 500 or so who come here seasonally.

We presently have about 35 eating facilities, many of them with bars. I find it somewhat disconcerting that if we have a major influx of restaurants and bars, far beyond the needs of our small community, we would find it difficult to view Del Mar as the place to raise a family, rather than a tourist/party town.

Do we really want to raise our children and grandchildren in a town that we presently have, with some modest changes to improve our city hall and certain areas, or in a city with drastic changes, many new restaurants and bars and commercial developments that will mainly serve tourists?

Harriet Wadia

Del Mar