Keep Del Mar healthy and viable for the future — Votes Yes on Prop J

Lani Sipe Curtis

Del Mar

I continue to be perplexed and disappointed by the “No on Prop J” materials we are being bombarded with this election season. Opponents of the measure keep referring to “developers” being behind Prop J, and to beware of the “slick marketing campaign” in favor of Prop J. These campaign materials are not telling the truth. I am a second generation Del Marian. I am a young mom raising three boys in Olde Del Mar. I serve on the City’s Planning Commission and the board of the PTA at Del Mar Heights Elementary. You might recognize me riding my bike with one of my sons to Brueggers or Stratford Café on a Saturday morning. It’s me, and people like me, who are behind Prop J. People who care deeply about the vitality of our beloved village and don’t want to see it decay and deteriorate while everything around us (Del Mar Highlands, Flower Hill, the City of Solana Beach etc..) continues to beautify and improve, taking businesses out of our city. Interestingly, I tried to post this on the “No” facebook page but it was promptly deleted and then I was blocked from posting anything further on that page. I guess Prop J opponents don’t want the facts to get in the way of their negative campaign message.

If you have done your homework, looked into what the plan entails, and decide not to vote for Prop J, I whole-heartedly respect your opinion and your vote. But please don’t let the fear mongering and false statements sent out by the “No” campaign determine the future of our village. Get the facts. A great place to start is at:


Fellow residents of Del Mar, you should be proud of the process your City Council has completed over the past two years to draft, revise, and improve upon the Village Specific Plan that is now before you as Prop J. It is a well-thought out plan to revitalize our central commercial zone, and keep our town healthy and viable for the future – for the next generation. It is not backed by “developers” or a “slick marketing campaign.” It is supported by your friends, neighbors, and fellow residents that want to see our village thrive. Yes on Prop J and “Stop the Decay!”