Keep looking: Torrey Hills School not the right location for proposed daycare center

I would like to voice my strong opposition to the Del Mar Union School District’s (DMUSD) proposed expansion at Torrey Hills Elementary School. We have a serious traffic issue at the corner of Ocean Air and Mariposa that even the District’s own consultant acknowledges. With the addition of a 13,000-foot childcare center, the traffic will only worsen.

DMUSD is arriving late to the traffic party. Adjacent to the elementary school there are currently 480 townhouse/apartment units under construction that will increase the traffic and congestion at this critical intersection. It is unconscionable for the District to consider adding even more traffic to this intersection, which will threaten the safety of children and pedestrians.

Some years ago I commissioned a traffic study on my street, Via Mar de Delfinas. As you may realize, traffic is already diverted up Delfinas to reach the school in order to avoid the heavy congestion at Ocean Air and Mariposa. The traffic study, performed by a reputable traffic consultant, showed that the number of car trips on Via Mar de Delfinas were four times the number stipulated in the community plan. Any additional car trips from the Torrey Hills school would have an unacceptable impact on our neighborhood.

The District needs to keep looking: Torrey Hills Elementary School is not the right location for their proposed daycare center.

Kathryn Burton, Torrey Hills