Kelp? Help!

Residents and visitors alike can’t help but notice the bumper crop of kelp on Del Mar’s beaches this summer. Even kids, who are usually endlessly amused by the piles of brown, brackish stuff, are steering clear.

Whether a change in beach maintenance or some quirky tidal shift is the principal cause, the effect of all this algae is an unsettling, noxious odor; swarms of pesty insects, and heaps of charmless gunk that ensnare the feet of walkers and runners. That puts a stain, literally and figuratively, on our normally pristine sand and public image.

Can the Del Mar City Council take some emergency action to rectify this problem, either by increasing clean-up or adding summer staff? Particularly since we aren’t anywhere near high season for kelp, and there are forests out there just waiting to wash ashore. Thank you.

Joe Azzinaro

Del Mar