Kilroy should build its island somewhere else

I think One Paseo will be wonderful for the people who live and work there or just work there, but horrible for the rest of us who live in Carmel Valley. Here’s why.

The people who live and work there won’t have to leave it. They’ll have parking spaces and places to live, work, shop, eat, relax, and be entertained. And they can walk everywhere in it. The same goes for people who stay at the hotel and visit residents or offices there. People who just work there will have parking spaces, places to eat and shop, and few traffic problems – they will be going against the heavy rush hour traffic out of Carmel Valley in the morning and into it in the evening. It will be like an island paradise for them.

What about the rest of us in Carmel Valley? First, why would anyone go there during the day when there are other places to eat and shop without driving on narrow congested streets, parking is a gated multi-level structure, and fighting crowds of office workers and residents? It would be better if we could walk there but only a few people live close enough to do that, and they might not want to cross Del Mar Heights Rd. or El Camino Real to get there. (At present no pedestrian bridges are planned. And long lights for pedestrian crossings will cause the traffic to move even slower.) One Paseo will be less crowed in the evenings and on weekends, but driving and parking will still be problematic compared to the other shopping centers and parks with open parking lots. Lack of community interest and support will make it even more like an island.

I haven’t mentioned traffic yet. It’s bad on Del Mar Heights Rd. going west to I-5 in the morning, in the afternoon when the high schools let out, and during the Del Mar fair and racing season. It will only be worse when people from One Paseo enter the stream. Synchronized lights east of it won’t make any difference. The lights at I-5 will just back up more cars.

Let Kilroy build its island somewhere else where fewer people will be affected.

Ted Parker

A 20-year Carmel Valley resident