Kilroy should propose some form of regular bus or shuttle service


I was at the Aug. 8 meeting and listened to all the comments. I sure see the value that Kilroy has added with their new proposals and I liked it. However, although it sounds really good, the biggest issue is proper transportation planning to avoid the traffic. As many have expressed concerns, this will end up being a car-centric project similar to the UTC mall or Highlands mall.

What Kilroy should really be proposing is some form of regular bus or shuttle arrangement by partnering with the city bus service or some private shuttle service that connects the entire Carmel Valley area from Torrey Hills to Del Mar to Pacific Highlands, etc. so that people will


start riding and walking to make this a true community project. I wouldn’t mind paying a couple of dollars for such shuttle/bus service as opposed to driving to the One Paseo center. I have not heard any discussion about such transportation options. If that comes through then these enhancements that Kilroy suggested on Aug. 8 will really start to add true value and there will be a

lot more


Sanjiv Prabhakaran,

Carmel Valley