Kudos to officials on quiet zone efforts


By Hershell Price, Lee Stein, Pete Glaser, Bryce Rhoads, Jim Benedict,

Larry Richards and Don Coordt

The Quiet Zone Committee members

We should all be proud to see the remarkable success that the North County Transit District and the city of Del Mar are accomplishing by working together to address the train horn noise problem along the railroad tracks as they approach the intersection of Coast Boulevard just north of 15th Street.

All too often citizens are quick to criticize government officials. Today we are here to celebrate the productive accomplishments of our officials. NCTD should be congratulated as should the Del Mar City Council, and Public Works Director David Scherer in particular.

The Del Mar City Council formed a citizen’s volunteer group named the Quiet Zone Committee to investigate the issues surrounding train noise. After multiple meetings, a solution was recommended. The city of Del Mar, with the support of NCTD and David Scherer, organized a successful test and now all parties are moving forward to define a scope of work and a final cost.

Once the cost is determined, the Quiet Zone Committee will take action to raise the required funding.

Del Mar will be seen as the perfect place to accomplish public-private partnerships for the welfare of its citizens. This project could not have happened without the guidance and support of the North County Transit District. We should all appreciate their efforts in working together with Del Mar to accomplish such an important community project.

It is the committee’s hope and desire to implement the wayside horn project as quickly as possible over this next year.