Kudos to planning board for opposing pot shops in Carmel Valley


Kudos to the Carmel Valley planning board for its decision to go on record with the City of San Diego as opposing marijuana dispensaries and, as such, the commercialization of marijuana in our community.

This is a positive step toward protecting our neighborhoods and youth from the illegal sale of marijuana for profit. It is bolstered by a California Supreme Court ruling today (May 6, 2013) that says local governments have legal authority to ban storefront pot shops or medical marijuana dispensaries within their borders through zoning powers.

Unfortunately, people with marijuana recommendations who get them filled at these dispensaries often return for refills and resell to local youth. This happens frequently despite the fact California law does not authorize dispensaries, collectives, cooperatives or individuals to profit from the sale or distribution of marijuana.

We must be mindful that dispensaries merely require so-called “patients” to complete a form summarily designating the business owner as their “primary caregiver,” then offer marijuana in exchange for cash donations. As such, they operate strictly as for-profit retail outlets and may be operating illegally.

We do not want to spread the message that retail sale of marijuana in Carmel Valley neighborhoods is acceptable.

Peggy Walker