Kudos to Solana Beach City Council for providing great leadership

After mentioning how unsafe it was to walk dogs from Solana Beach, north on Highway 101 to the Cardiff State Park Beach, and south to the Del Mar dog beach, our City Council did not hesitate to act. The Council carefully studied the issues and then voted to provide a sidewalk from Ocean Street to the Cardiff State Park Beach, and to allow leashed dogs on the beach north of the Tide Park steps and south of the Del Mar Terrace. These actions will provide safe access for dog walkers to our adjoining dog-friendly beaches.

For those who prefer a dog-free beach, they will have nearly 1.4 miles of Solana Beach’s 1.7 miles of shoreline, with no dogs.

As dog walkers, we must now hold up our end of the bargain. Leashes must be 6’ in length or shorter. Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Needless to say, we must clean up after our pets; otherwise, severe fines will be levied and this new permissive law could be revoked in a year.

The Solana Beach Council deserves kudos for providing great leadership and a wonderful, pedestrian and dog-friendly community.

We thank the Councilmembers and City staff for listening, being responsive, deliberative, and acting in the best interests of all of our residents, including dogs.

Sherry, David and Hula Winkler

Solana Beach