Lady Shooters embrace the Second Amendment

The group of women from the Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women, in its third iteration, took their first outing last month - a trip to the American Shooting Range in Kearny Mesa

They plan monthly trips to the shooting range to learn how to use a firearms and support their Second Amendment right to bear arms, said Jody Bray, the trigger behind the group.

A member of the National Rifle Association and the California Rifle and Pistol Association, Bray said she grew up with guns in her Texas childhood, first shooting a gun when she was 10.

Bray originally started the Lady Shooters in the mid-1990s. It went dark and was brought back in 2000, only to go dark again. Now back, Bray has officially named the group The Madeleine Cosman Lady Shooters, in honor of Cosman, an Escondido lawyer and author who was a strong advocate for firearms and Second Amendment rights.

Cosman died in 2006.

Helping hand

Bruce Ruff, a former sheriff’s sergeant who is running for San Diego County Sherriff in 2010, came to the shooting range to give the ladies some tips.

“I want you to be in control and confident with your weapon,” said Ruff. “You have a lawful right to defend yourself. If someone comes to do you harm, you don’t have to accept that.”

Ruff said that the country is in some critical times and the women should think about purchasing a gun to defend their home and family.

Several of the women already own guns and brought them to the range. Many of the guns had belonged to their husbands who had since passed away, and several of the women, like Mary Humphrey, copped to not knowing much about how to use them.

Coming to learn

“I’ve always wanted to do this but never had the opportunity,” said Humphrey. “I’m not very good so I thought I’d come and learn.”

Like Humphrey, many of the women came just for a refresher course on that first day although some more experienced shooters took to the range. “I’m just a natural. What can I say?” said Rosemary Kucey, who was shooting for her first time in eight years.

She said she was happy the Lady Shooters was starting up again as it’s nice to have a monthly group date to spur her on. “Personally I feel it’s good to know how to shoot a gun,” Kucey said.

The American Shooting Center is located at 5590 Ruffin Road. The group does carpool and caravans to the center, meeting at the Village Market parking lot at 9:15 a.m.

For more information, contact Jody Bray at

or 756-1906.

Their next outing will be held on April 23 at 10-11 a.m.