Lamb named at Helen Woodward Animal Center

The black and white lamb formerly known as “Johnny Doe” now has a name -- Oreo.

The lamb arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) in February -- just a few days old and weighing 9 pounds. He was part of a litter of triplets born in Ramona on Feb. 11. Female sheep typically give birth to twins. An ewe with triplets will push the weakest lamb aside, according to HWAC spokesman John Van Zante. In this case, the lamb was born to a family involved in 4-H and they contacted HWAC, which took the animal.

HWAC called on local animal lovers to donate $10 each to submit name suggestions. Nearly 85 entries, including Baaa’rack, Obaaa’ma, Pinto, Squad Car, Cheerio, Woodie and Jagger, were submitted. But long-time HWAC supporter and recipient of the center’s Humane Award, Linda Edwards, chose Oreo.

Oreo is a “hair sheep,” meaning that he has hair instead of wool. He currently weighs 23 pounds. He’s expected to become a 150-to-175-pound adult sheep.

To learn more about Oreo or HWAC, call (858) 756-4117 or visit