Let community in on expansion plans for Del Mar Highlands Town Center

I read with interest your recent article about the “frustrating parking conditions” at Del Mar Highlands Town Center (DMHTC). All of us have endured the increasingly unpleasant and even dangerous conditions there.

What interests me most, however, is that Elizabeth Schreiber of Donahue Schriber, DMHTC’s owner and general manager, acknowledged only in part what is known in the community: A massive expansion is in the works.

A couple of weeks ago, a storeowner spoke with me about the big, big plans. The parking structure mentioned in your article will be a multi-level monstrosity on the backside of the center. The rumored ingress and egress will be directly across from Solana Pacific Elementary School, threatening the safety of hundreds of our fifth and sixth graders who walk and play in areas directly adjacent.

The under-wraps plans seem to also include a far-reaching extension of the food court and the possible relocation or removal of the bookstore and the childcare facility — two of the center’s worthiest businesses.

What’s up with Donahue Schriber’s clandestine plans? Could it be that the developer understands the community’s certain outrage over unfettered growth?

We community members don’t have a legal right to object. Donahue Schriber will say that its decades-old entitlement does not require public review. But after so many years, what is right and good for Carmel Valley should be a matter of discussion as with any land use issue.

Donahue Schriber, be good neighbors and end the secrecy. Tell us what you are doing. Be open and up front about your expansion plans for DMHTC because the rumors are rampant. And let the community weigh in. We want to voice our concerns and shape the character of Carmel Valley.

Donahue Schriber, will you do the right thing?

Janette Littler

Carmel Valley resident