Let’s be reasonable

After living happily in Solana Beach since 1978, I am now deeply concerned about the divisions that exist regarding the use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center. Our strength is our ability to come together for the benefit of all of our citizens.

After years of deterioration and subsequent limited use, the FCCC is now a beautiful asset due to financial support and donated labor from many of our citizens. These same citizens must therefore be respected as adults who will follow reasonable regulations for occasional use of the FCCC. Unfortunately, the council’s current restrictions discourage rentals for citizen events and fail to utilize the $400,000 spent on rehabilitation. Also, without rental fees, more citizen tax dollars must be spent on maintenance.

Our city codes served us well in the past and must be given a chance to succeed once again. We would not permit residents to purchase a home close to a school and then demand that after-school activities be curtailed for the school children. Neither may residents purchase a home close to the FCCC and then deprive citizens of normal adult social functions.

Let’s be reasonable and vote “Yes” on Prop B.

Ruby Edman

Solana Beach