Let’s get the story straight

The Friends of Fletcher Cove Community Center sent out a flyer this week to Solana Beach residents with an attached postcard urging them to speak out against a special election. The phrasing of the flyer makes it appear that the card was sent from a coalition of nearby neighbors. The aim of the flyer is to put the blame on the Solana Beach City Council for causing a special election.

In fact, it is the group who sent the flyer who are the ones responsible for the special election. They went ahead and submitted signatures for validation after the Council had come up with a compromise policy. If they were genuinely interested in serving the best interest of all Solana Beach residents then they would have stopped the initiative process and allowed the council’s policy to go forward with the possibility of amendments in the future, as needed. Instead they have put City Council in a bind, practically forcing them to accept an initiative that cannot be changed except by a special election.

Betsy Walcott

Solana Beach