Let’s give our local merchants a holiday gift


Once again, it’s the season of giving.

While this year there might be a little less of it, we think it’s especially important this season to give to our independent local merchants a part of the action.

You know the ones. They’re not the chain stores or big-box retailers; they are the shops and boutiques with owners often found behind the counter instead of in a corporate office out of town or out of state.

They are the ones with dedicated proprietors who have a passion for their businesses that is usually passed on to the customers - the people solely responsible for making a dream a reality.

They are, in a word, the stores that help make our towns unique.

We humbly ask, on their behalf, for your support this holiday season.

After all, these merchants chose to support your downtown by opening their shops there. They share in the enthusiasm that made you choose to live in a certain area. It seems only fair that you support them in return.

We acknowledge they may not provide all the gifts and services you are looking for this holiday season, but if you take the time to look and explore, you’ll be surprised at what you might discover. It’s a good chance your gifts from our area’s shops will be unlike anything found at malls.

Additionally our small cities like Del Mar and Solana Beach are dependent on sales tax from shopping and dining dollars to supplement their general funds and from those funds come dollars that provide important basic services to residents.

So make it a point to do all or at least some of your holiday shopping in your own hometown.

You’ll feel better by doing so, as will businesses who need your support more than ever.