Bicyclists need to stay within their lane

I feel a need to respond to Wiliam Fijolek’s letter of Nov. 13, regarding cyclists and cars sharing the road.

He states that the top two reasons cyclists ride outside the bicycle lane are poor lane conditions and avoiding an opening car door.

I disagree. The most common reason, in my experience, is that the bicyclists want to ride three or four abreast so they can chat. They do this without regard for the traffic they’re blocking or the road hazard they’re creating.

The new law to keep three feet of distance between one’s car and a bicyclist is good, but only if bicyclists also follow the law and stay within the bicycle lane.

Mr. Fijolek also stated that he is intrigued about how anyone would know what a bicyclist’s attitude is. A bicyclist’s attitude is made clear by his or her actions. The attitude is that the bicyclists feel they are above the law and more important than automotive traffic. It’s an arrogant attitude.

Bicyclists need to take responsibility for their own safety, not just by imposing new laws on drivers. They need to stay within the bicycle lane. Save the chatting for later, or get two-way radios.

Paul Silver

Carmel Valley