Time to turn up the volume on One Paseo effort

What’s up with One Paseo? Where are we, in fact?

We are getting ready for a last-ditch effort before the San Diego City Council, probably in late January.

Why last-ditch?

The City Council is the decision-maker in the case of such a massive development. They are advised by the City’s Development Services Department, the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, and the Planning Commission. None of these bodies have made any effort to convey to the council the enormous regional impact of One Paseo.

What did they do?

The city’s Development Services Department allowed Kilroy to escape a thorough analysis of all alternatives, to escape meaningful negotiation with the community of Carmel Valley, and to entirely escape analysis of the regional impact.

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board, while rejecting Kilroy’s proposal in favor of an alternative with 50 percent of the traffic impact, proceeded to undo some of the good by allowing the full retail square footage proposed, adding back much of the crippling traffic effect. (Retail square footage accounts for about half of all traffic impact.)

The Planning Commission made a decision not to decide, and instead submitted a list of 11 issues for the City Council to consider. These points did not include any indication of the unmitigated traffic impact, or any suggestion that the project could or should be smaller.

So it’s up to us!

The date of the City Council hearing is not yet final, but expected to be in January. Please attend if you possibly can. It is expected that speakers will be allowed only 30 seconds to present their issues, but others present can donate their allowance to another speaker, enabling a more comprehensive presentation.

Meanwhile we all, as individuals, need to be writing to the City Council President, Todd Gloria,, to express our concern and disappointment in a system that so ignores the good of the region.

This plea applies to all who live within 10 miles of the proposed One Paseo. We, What Price Main Street and members of the Torrey Pines Community, are rallying support from neighboring communities. We are urging them, as individuals and as official Boards and Councils, to write those letters too, to attend the hearing, and speak up loud and clear about the so-far totally unrecognized effect this project will have on the region.

Thank you all who have helped us to this point, achieving a loud voice already. It’s time to turn up the volume!

Diana Scheffler

Torrey Pines Community