Riverview vs. Watermark developments: Keep this area tranquil for people and wildlife, please

We thank the Del Mar Planning Commission for recently extending the Riverview project development plans, for the vacant southeast corner located at Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito Drive intersection, presently known as Watermark.

Del Mar community residents, Batter Kay (Riverview developers) and the city of Del Mar had invested huge sums of money, endless hours of research and meetings, ultimately and finally creating a development plan for this corner. Those plans were environmentally and aesthetically accepted and approved by Del Mar and its community, as the most appropriate development that will protect the qualities of Del Mar life.

Our entrance to Del Mar is an area of quiet, tranquility and beauty, three quarters of the year, juxtaposed by our high-energy summer fun, set against the Lagoons Nature Trail (a nature trail that is just beginning to now flourish and become home to vast varieties of shore birds), and the Free Flight bird sanctuary. Please leave these beautiful birds and other wild life and local residents, to continue to enjoy this beauty and tranquility which has been here forever. A Del Mar reality and statement as to the quality of life which Del Mar has always represented.

Due to extension of the River View plans, there is now a small sliver of hope that the already approved Riverview office building development (which would shut down in the evening) vs. a high-density residential apartment complex that never closes (24/7), would be a fail- safe, protecting and securing the tranquil nights for residents and wildlife to nest and rest. There may now still be a chance to only allow and have built such a Riverview project vs. the high-density residential apartment complex that never closes down (24/7) which would be terribly intrusive and uncharacteristic, thereby negatively impacting this area forever.

Watermark and the city of government of Del Mar need be advised, Del Mar residents are against this Watermark development of 50 families (100 cars) living on this corner. Changing forever and impacting this area with high-density residential noisy apartment living in what is otherwise known as a quiet tranquil area of Del Mar. We, the residents of Del Mar are prepared to oppose this development.

This north end of Del Mar has not been neglected as to development, but has been preserved in its beauty. And should not be assaulted in development, but need be preserved, insuring the beauty of this quiet, tranquil, nature-loving area that only parties in the summer.

Don’t destroy this beauty. Protect this beauty.

We love it here — We live here.

Annette Wiesel