Letters to the editor: April 3, 2009

Sea walls not answer

Your story “Council OKs sea wall, plans for La Colonia” (March 19, 2009, by Laura Petersen) misses a critical point. The article states the city of Solana Beach has approved a seawall of over 600 feet fronting 10 properties north of Fletcher Cove.

If constructed, it would be one of the longest sea walls ever built on the California coast.

The mayor acknowledges the environmental impacts, but then states they are “necessary evils.” That is simply not the case. There are a myriad of alternatives to walling off the California coast. Solana Beach has imposed mitigation fees designed to facilitate a “retreat” strategy, in which coastal properties are purchased in order to move development back.

If Solana Beach is going to have a legitimate retreat program the fees have to be many times larger than the fee proposed.

Mark Massara,

Director of Sierra Club Coastal Programs

San Francisco