Letters to the Editor: Aug. 21, 2009


Cougar contest was tacky

There’s no mystery about what motivated Rosie Goldstein to flirt with public humiliation by becoming the Del Mar Racetrack’s “Miss Cougar of 2009.” She wants to be in a reality show. Go figure.

Thanks to the “Real Housewives” shows on Bravo, we know that for some people, being famous is the Holy Grail. We may gasp and roll our eyes, but we keep tuning in. I get that.

But what’s the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club’s excuse? They’re supposed to be grown-ups. What did they want to accomplish with this marketing maneuver? Were they hoping flocks of middle-aged women would suddenly arrive to prowl the Turf Club looking for younger men? Were they after a new bunch of retired married guys hoping to score if the cougars wind up empty-handed after the ninth race? Is there some national racetrack prize for tackiest contest?

Somebody explain it to me.

Pat Finn

Del Mar