Letters to the Editor: Aug. 7, 2009


My counter view

In “Your View” on 24 July Mr. Nuzzo’s view “Slow the Council not the traffic” has some errors.

We recently moved to Solana Beach after 11 years in a Northern California beach community.

As to the Lomas Santa Fe interchange being the worst in California, there are many far worse interchanges in Northern California. Highway 17 in Santa Clara County has on/off ramps that are five to six car lengths long and Highway 101 from Monterey County south to Santa Maria has dozens of intersections that are stop signs with no on/off ramp at all.

I’ve lived in both Northern and Southern California, and Lomas Santa Fe, while odd, is middle of the pack as on/off ramps go.

Banning smoking in restaurant patios is necessary (problems with second hand smoke) and I see that 70 percent of the locals agree as well.

The noise from foot races is maybe two to three times a year? Leaf blowers are somewhere along Sierra Avenue every week or two year-round (26 to 52 times?) I’m told by neighbors.

Slowing traffic on 101? Ehh ... I ride a bike nearly every day on or crossing 101 and the speeds seem OK. They want to slow it down? Take a poll to see what kind of support for 40 versus 35 maybe … probably a good idea with so many commuters, but no good if it is not enforced and that becomes a new expense.

No City Council results in anarchy, no control, no management (bad or good), no carrying out the majority will, in general chaos and no one is happy. Nice thing about a democracy is you can vote someone out, as long as more than 50 percent of the city agrees with you.

Rick Fay

Solana Beach