Letters to the editor: Feb. 6, 2009

Story ID’s target enrollment

Your story in the Jan. 23 (online edition) on the changing number of applicants to UCSD was very timely in the lives of tens of thousands of California students and their families.

Even though UC San Diego received slightly fewer freshman applications for fall 2009, it is enormously popular because of the high caliber of the faculty, the multidisciplinary approach to academics and research and the enriching and entertaining campus life.

Actually, the university received the third most applications of the campuses in the University of California system, which may be the result of our university’s rank as the seventh-best public university in the nation. I wanted to correct a factual point in the article: Your story incorrectly said UCSD expects to admit 3,775 applicants for the fall quarter. Actually, that is a target enrollment number.

Since many prospective students apply to more than one university, but choose to enroll in only one, which is why universities must admit many more students than the number of actual enrollments.

Mae Brown

Assistant Vice Chancellor, UC San Diego

Bush administration ‘attitude’

People never cease to amaze me, and the view from Susan Kay is no different. Unless you’ve been unconscious for the last eight years, how can you possibly cry unfair for this criminal (thankfully) past president? Contrary to Obama, Bush inherited a country with a budget nearly balanced, an economy that was paying down the national debt, peace, and prosperity.

After eight years we have a war that was fabricated and immoral costing the U.S. $720 million dollars a day. A man who came to power referring to himself as a “uniter” not a divider, who promptly divided this country along every rich and non rich boundary imaginable ... The tough choices Obama speaks to are the price every American must now pay for the unbridled rape and pillage of this country by Bush and those like him.

I benefited not one cent from the tax cuts, but my family and I will have to pay for it again and again in a true “trickle down” fashion as we live with less in the schools, less libraries, and less other badly needed government services. No one gets driven from power and office because of the scores of good decent things they have done - “your guy” only began to reap what he had sowed in payback of hatred, scorn, mockery and merited prosecution.

Cheryl Sims

Del Ma