Letters to the Editor: Jan. 30 2009

Same attitude lacking for Bush Inauguration

As I read “Our View” titled “Seeing is believing - a call to come together” I’m beginning to be seeing a pattern among the paper and TV media as well as liberal politicians. It’s a call to work together and support our new president.

Only by working together can the president and our country succeed and move forward to overcome our problems. We must all make sacrifices. I can only wonder how different President Bush’s presidency could have been had that same call and willingness been expressed by those same people while he was in office.

If he had only had half the support your paper and others are asking all of us to have for this new administration we would probably be in an entirely different situation right now. I wonder how successful our new president could be given the same treatment as President Bush?

But I have a feeling the media won’t allow that to happen. After all this is their guy. They made him. They won’t take him down. As in the days of Pravda in the USSR, we know who now runs our country.

Susan Kay

San Diego