Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2009

Slow the council not the traffic

Here is a bit of wisdom that I hope readers will learn: A BAD city council is worse than no city council at all.

These are the people that gave themselves a mileage allowance in a city that is four square miles.

This is the group that demonized the name of an issue (mansionization) to stack the deck in their favor. These people gave us the worst brand new off-ramp in all of California (I-5 and Lomas Santa Fe). They want to ban smoking in restaurant patios (what’s the difference between smoking at a restaurant patio and your own patio?).

They will outlaw leaf blowers due to noise and yet allow a blaring PA system at Fletcher Cove that awakens the neighborhood at sunrise for a foot race.

And they want to slow the traffic coming thru Solana Beach on Hwy. 101.

The last time I checked, traffic on 101 doesn’t need slowing. The last thing I want is to hear a big Harley going by for 3 minutes rather than 30 seconds.

If you want to see a group far removed from reality, a group with too much time on their hands, a group that wastes too much taxpayer money, look no further than the Solana Beach City Council.

They are full of so much self importance, they disgust more than a few.

Don’t ever forget: A BAD city council is far worse than no city council at all!

Don Nuzzo

Solana Beach

To conserve water, reduce growth

Santa Fe Irrigation District’s Mr. Bardin is right! Conservation is our most valuable resource, when it comes to preserving water quality and a safe water supply for agriculture, industry, municipalities, and residents, both old timers and newcomers alike!

Many avid gardeners, ornamental and food raising, have been converting to drip irrigation and mulching heavily to reduce moisture evaporation, for years, and are still being told we need to reduce water consumption more.

What the district and local policymakers (politicians) seem to ignore is that we cannot reduce water consumption substantially while they approve more water consuming development. Curtailing new development is essential if our communities are really to be expected to conserve water.

Although highly unpopular, golf courses and residential turf (lawns) use a disproportionate amount of valuable water, recycled or not, that can be used for more essential purposes. When the district and our politicians are ready to get serious about protecting safe water supplies, golf courses green areas will be reduced or eliminated. Target the big users first! Until then, stop pressuring the individual residential and apartment owner users!

Brett Gobar

Solana Beach