Letters to the Editor: July 25, 2008


Not bullish on bull riding

Bull Riding is coming to the Del Mar Fairgrounds July 26 and 27. Whether or not they secretly shock the bulls as they come out of the chute (you can decide for yourself by watching videos on YouTube), I feel that riding an intentionally distressed animal and calling it a sport is not something we should condone and welcome in the backyard of our beach communities. We should be teaching respect for all animals, not showing our children that upsetting an animal and then riding on its back is something that we are calling a sport. Knowing that this is going on makes me feel like I have flank strap on and a rider with spurs on my back. I plan to do my own peaceful protest on the days of the Rodeo. So far, it will just be me out there with a sign. If anyone wants to join me, let me know at (858) 922-2396 or grold@aol.com.

Dr. Kevin Grold

Del Mar