Letters to the Editor: July 31, 2009

LJ becoming theme park

One of the people quoted in your (July 16) article describes “Concerts by the Sea” and fireworks as “classic La Jolla events.” They are anything but (the classic events having died years ago). Rather, they are just two of the many mass amusements that are turning La Jolla into a theme park. Perhaps if these noisy, flashy spectacles were to disappear, people could learn to enjoy La Jolla for what it is (a beautiful natural setting with some neighborhoods that still retain a surprising amount of charm). As a friend puts it, “shut up and listen to the ocean.”

Dave Rearwin

La Jolla

Let’s move on

July 19 was one of those glorious San Diego Sundays, so I went for a bike ride around La Jolla. At the Children’s Pool, people crowded the beach, swam in the water and kids built castles in the sand (with seal feces gargoyles?). There were no seals on the beach, but there were some offshore on Seal Rock where they have historically roosted.

The next day, we learned that a judge had ordered the city to clear the beach of seals, which may necessitate someone patrolling with a bullhorn emitting barking dogs. I’ve also seen estimates in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for sand dredging.

Unless we hear of some of those folks coming down with horrible diseases, it would seem to me the issue is already resolved. Simply by allowing swimmers on the beach, the seals dispersed. Problem solved. No bullhorns, no dredging. Now can we get on to something important?

Douglas Miller

La Jolla