Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2009

Is mean-spirited mischief on the rise?

The city recently placed orange stakes for undergrounding to show the size of boxes, but they don’t show the total area, extending 18 additional inches on each side and in back for walls. We asked Don Smith and Bill Lewis to add yellow stakes outside our orange ones to show the complete footprint. The orange stakes didn’t show a pine tree would be sacrificed for a wall. The yellow stakes did. Moving the footprint a few feet could save the tree.

We have two staked areas. The second set could be moved a few feet off our property, but then our neighbor would lose a tree. We offered to keep part of that box rather than make a territorial fuss and sacrifice yet another tree. These issues could not have been met or resolutions sought were there no yellow stakes. If these changes are implemented, the result will be two happier neighbors and two more trees for Del Mar. In the 2000 block of Balboa are five boxes, certainly a disproportionate number for one block in entire district; some blocks have only one or none.

Now the yellow stakes are gone, not only ours but also our neighbors’. Who wants to sabotage the undergrounding? Who is afraid of complete disclosure? I don’t know who the blackguard is, but I’ll keep my eyes open for a smoking fireplace chimney on a warm June evening or a can stashed with yellow stakes when the trash trucks come the next time.

Arlene Lighthall

Del Mar

Story ignored majority

I receive your Del Mar Times at home.

I just wanted you to know that sometimes when you cover a topic like the 4 cafes in Del Mar there are maybe 12 people in Del Mar that are upset about it and maybe hundreds of people who live in Del Mar who are pleased as punch that we are bringing some charm back to a city that is gradually dying. I feel like you don’t cover your stories very well and I was frustrated because this particular thing has only a very few people who are against it and most people in the community think it is going to bring a lot of charm to a town who needs some help.

That’s just my opinion,

Barbara Enbody

Del Mar