Letters to the Editor: Kudos to teachers

In January 2012, the Del Mar School Board shut down a fully parent-funded Spanish program at Del Mar Heights School. And while the board of trustees followed the lead of trustee Comischell Rodriguez, who lobbied hard for ending the program, parents and staff spoke for bringing language to our district and our children.

I would like to write this letter to the Del Mar California Teacher’s Union and to the staff of Del Mar Schools who spoke or wrote in favor of finding ways to bring programs. DMCTA Vice President Gina Williams read a letter from the DMCTA asking the board to find a way to keep the program. Teachers committed to education and our students spoke about the value of second language acquisition not only for our global economy, but for other academic areas, as well. I was so proud to be in the audience listening to the teaching staff advocate for our children. I was touched by the way Del Mar teachers championed a program, supported innovation and spoke out for what they felt was best for children. I was reminded again by the DMCTA letter Ms. Williams read of a comment I have heard many times at board meetings from the Del Mar Union School District teaching staff: that fair is not equal – it is giving each child what they need. I understand that as a parent. I feel blessed that the teaching staff in our district live by that as well.

Thank you Del Mar teachers for once again showing the community why you are truly the best.

Katherine White

Parent of a fourth-grader