Letters to the Editor: March 20, 2009

On Polo Club

It seems to us that the criticism of the plans by the Polo Club to alter the trail along the San Dieguito River miss the point. As we understand the plan, the trail will be further away from the river than it is at present and native plants will be planted between the trail and the river … This is good!

The more pronounced threat to the environment is the presence of hundreds of automobiles and thousands of people involved with using the property for soccer. The negative impact of soccer on the native fauna and flora are beyond imagination ... A lack of sanitary facilities for thousands of people with their attendant trash and pollution is a huge threat to the river park environment. All this in an area which is supposed to be for equestrian use only.

We would like someone to explain how this was allowed to happen. If the Carmel Valley Planning Board is “most concerned” about protecting habitat they must be incensed by the soccer crowds.

Mr. and Mrs.

R. L. Biller

M.S. fundraiser

My big brother Michael was diagnosed in the mid-80s with Multiple Sclerosis, but passed away at age 38 due to complications from cancer. Just one year ago (April 2008) my baby sister Sherynn a young mother of two received her diagnosis ... M.S. Now just last month Feb. 2009 Shona another sister was also diagnosed ... M.S.

I am hopeful we will find a cure for this horrible disease. We worked to raise funds for Sherynn to walk last year in the M.S. Challenge and she made it (Woo-Hoo)! This year we are working to raise $2,500 each, our commitment to M.S. in order to participate. Please help our dreams become reality, making Multiple Sclerosis not a family tragedy, but a triumph built out of heart.

Challenge Walk M.S. is a three-day 50 mile charity walk benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, scheduled for Sept. 11 to 13, 2009. I will be joining more than 300 participants in walking toward a cure for M.S.

This is my plea for everyone in Del Mar to join us in the fight against M.S at Challenge Walk M.S.

There are many ways to contribute. You can walk in the event, become a crew member, volunteer, or make a charitible donation, register today at

, team name DJS Peeps, or call 1-800-486-6762.

Terri Miller