Letters to the Editor: May 22, 2009


Health care in U.S. is shameful

My wife has Parkinson’s and I am a never-smoking, lung cancer survivor who also has diabetes. Our health care costs continue to rise, consuming an increasing share of our limited income and dwindling resources. In the future, I am not sure whether we will be able to keep our home that we love here because we must pay for medical expenses, in-home care, and medications.

The larger situation in America is a national shame. To have approximately 50 million who are not covered by any medical insurance AND to be spending more per capita on health care than any other nation yet ranking somewhere in the middle 30s of all countries in terms of the health of our population is a continuing disaster which overloads our hospital emergency rooms nationwide.

For those who can afford it, we have excellent health care. For others, it is tough luck.

We hold our nation up as a democratic, generous, progressive and highly principled example to the rest of the world, yet in the arena of health care for all of our population we are less than second rate. I feel sad about this and it is unnecessary. We have the ability to fix this. We need the positive will.

We will both increase the quality of life for all Americans as well as saving money over the long run if we create a well-designed national healthcare system which preserves choices, covers all and focuses on prevention in addition to illness. I pray that our fundamental values will lead to the creation of such a system.

Dr. Gene Humphrey

Del Mar

District should retain Spanish

As a Carmel Valley resident and father of a 2-year-old son who will be a future student in the Del Mar Union School District I demand to know why our school district does not have a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program in place at this time.

I was outraged to hear that the school board recently turned down a decision to put a Spanish enrichment program in place at Del Mar Heights School due to the concern by a small minority of vocal parents in the community.

Shame on the DMUSD for not preparing their students to be competitive in the current global marketplace due to pressures from uninformed parents. Rather than leading the way in providing their students with all educational tools necessary to be successful global citizens, the district appears to be clinging to their antiquated ways.

I will continue to write e-mails, attend board meetings, and use any other means necessary to ensure that my children have the opportunity to learn a second language without having to send them outside of their neighborhood school. It is time to get with the times and start to realize that all students should have the option to learn in a second language if they want to be competitive in the future.

Please let me know what I can do to be involved in this process.

Aaron Joseph Fernandes

Carmel Valley

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