Letters to the Editor: Oct. 17, 2008


Support for Mira Costa candidates

Many in our coastal district do not know that they are in the MiraCosta Community College District. In the upcoming election three trustees will be elected. Although these people may not live in our towns, they are elected from the district as a whole, which extends from Oceanside to Del Mar and inland.

For many years I was a faculty member at the college and recall a wonderful atmosphere of collegiality and pride in the school. I am also very familiar with the recent chaos created by an irresponsible president, a bullying faction on the board, and the “Palmgate” scandal, in which we tax payers paid over $2 million to get rid of an arrogant president and to prove fraud of a little over $300.

We now have a chance to restore civility and accreditation to the college by voting for Gloria Carranza, George McNeil, and Jacqueline Simon.

Arlene Lighthall

Del Mar

Bridge should be replaced not renovated

I must take issue with the recent article by Del Mar Mayor David Druker in regards to the North Torrey Pines Bridge.

I consider any renovation effort to a complete waste of time and money. The bridge is a monstrosity and an eye sore. It cannot be in any way claimed to have any beauty and the suggested view from below only displays the shoddy construction methods of the board-formed concrete. The construction was adequate for the time, but it is time for it to be replaced.

The similar bridge of the same era over the lagoon has been replaced (and not missed) with only a small corner retained as a monument to the old bridge.

The same should be done for the North Torrey Pines Bridge.

David Godfrey

Del Mar Terrace