Lighting the way to conservation

A plant exhibit, called “Water Lites,” from Feb. 27 through March 1 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, encouraged residents to select low-water-use plants for their gardens.

Sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority, the exhibit featured lanterns that glow from bright blue for high water use to white for those that require only rainfall. Twenty-four corrugated metal planters were used to suggest that pipelines carrying water supply the the region and represent the 24 member agencies of the Water Authority.

The exhibit was part of the annual Spring Home and Garden Show. According to the Water Authority, about 60 percent of home water use is for landscapes. The best way to reduce home water use is to replace non-native plants and lawns.

Local landscape architect Glen Schmidt designed the exhibit and donated his time the create and build the display. Hundreds of exhibitors participated in the weekend-long show.