Lightner posts Marines’ report on UC jet crash

Councilmember Sherri Lightner announced Tuesday that she has received a copy of the Marines’ Judge Advocate General (JAG) Manual command investigation report into the cause of the Dec. 8, 2008 jet crash in University City.

“Many of our constituents requested that they be able to read the full text of the Marines’ report for themselves,” Councilmember Lightner said.

“At our first community forum following the plane crash, community members called for accountability and transparency. At that time, I promised to make this report available to our constituents as soon as it was released to me,” Councilmember Lightner added.

Councilmember Lightner received the report this afternoon through a Freedom of Information Act request. The report is 60 pages, with an additional 554 pages in addendums. The 60-page report is now available on Councilmember Lightner’s website,

Please contact Councilmember Lightner’s office at (619) 236-6611 for more information.