LKR Equestrian offers riding lessons for all ages and skill levels

By Kristina Houck

A hunter-jumper rider since she was 8 years old, it was only natural for Lisa Rodgers to begin training others. With 30 years of riding experience, she finally opened her own business in 2013.

“It was a childhood dream of mine to have my own hunter-jumper program,” said Rodgers, who lives in North County. She has won numerous hunter, jumper and equitation medals since she was a child, and she continues to compete today.

“I’ve trained with many trainers and I’ve worked with many trainers. I’ve learned a lot from all those people, so when the opportunity came about, I decided to follow my dream and open my own business.”

Founded more than a year ago, LKR Equine Services is a full-service equestrian riding and training program based at Seabreeze Farms in Carmel Valley. Located at 5720 Old Carmel Valley Road, the 33-acre facility offers boarding facilities for 80 horses, training programs, shows and kids camps.

In addition to the scenic setting, Rodgers said her program offers hands-on training for her clients and their horses.

“When I teach, I teach people how to ride on a very individual basis,” Rodgers said. “I communicate very well. I’m very one-on-one. It’s a fun environment.”

Currently accepting new clients, Rodgers works with riders of all ages and levels. She has taught horseback riding to children 3 years old to senior adults, and specializes in the hunter, jumper and equitation divisions.

“I love the ‘ah-ha’ moments. It’s very rewarding to watch them progress,” she said. “That’s why I do it everyday. It’s a great feeling.”

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