Local experts to lead expo

To help business owners and executives focus on making 2010 a successful year, two local women are hosting the Get Connected Business Expo on Feb. 9 at the Del Mar Hilton.

The event is free and runs from 4 to 8 p.m. with interactive presentations and vendor booths.

The expo will feature business trainer and coach Joyce Hyam, a Carmel Valley resident and certified facilitator of the Law of Attraction model for positive, professional success. Hyam planned the expo with Nancy Rapp, a client who has used her methods to expand her business, Alta, a copy and design shop in Mira Mesa.

“You have to take action to get what you want — this is our way of taking action and paying it forward,” said Rapp.

They hope the expo will arm businesspeople with tools for success, as well as help people make connections with expo vendors, such as printing, insurance, credit unions, banks, water delivery, Super Shuttle and Internet services.

“A lot of these vendors offer money-saving services to help ride this recession out,” Rapp said.

Proceeds from the vendors will go toward the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which has been one of Rapp’s clients for years.

Hyam’s background is in the health care field; she wrote a health care journal and ran her own business for 13 years before selling it to a venture capital firm. Now she does Law of Attraction training out of her Carmel Valley office.

Hyam focuses on communication methods, teaching people how to communicate with employees, customers or clients by meeting their different communication styles. For example, one person may be more visual, another more technical.

“It’s about reading clues about a person and knowing how to respond and build a rapport,” Hyam said.

Hyam also teaches lessons on developing and maintaining focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

“I teach people to celebrate their success and remember how it feels when you are successful so you will continue working hard,” Hyam said.

Rapp met Hyam nine years ago through one of her seminars.

“She helps sharpen your skills with very simple, easy tools to help redirect some of your focus,” Rapp said.

Hyam said she feels great satisfaction when she can help clients meet their business goals. One of her Bay Area clients recently sent Hyam an e-mail excitedly telling her that she’d sold $17,000 worth of furniture in one day and is on her way toward exceeding her sales goals.

“Even though I teach this, I’m amazed at some of the things that happen,” Hyam said. “It’s really exciting. That’s why I love to do what I do because I get to hear about the results.”

For information, contact Joyce Hyam at or (858) 794-0675; Nancy Rapp at or (858) 530-0803, ext. 13.